We know - you have heard it a thousand times, so we appreciate you taking a moment to explore the Jeff Andretti Motorsports and JAM difference.

If one delves deeper into all that is JAM they quickly realize that we are much more than a "race team" or "program," but rather a combination of motorsport professionals and a creative marketing and activation team. Race teams have "marketing support" and are salesmen, but JAM is almost the polar opposite. We understand brand strategy and positioning. We understand the consumer and how to communicate with them... influence them. We are developers of new media, social media, apps, you name it. Brands need a marketing partner that can move as fast as the race car. Stay ahead of the competition and most importantly deliver.

I used to go race to race and looked everywhere for the money to make it happen. Coming to JAM was a blessing. They showed me the path and helped me build my foundation. I now have a clear vision of the road ahead. Who I am, what I have to offer. - Mattia Vita

Our formula is simple. Understand the brands objectives and goals. Match those goals with the right marketing fit (driver, series, etc) and develop stories and messages that inspire, engage, and get consumers to explore or use your products or service. Activation is term we are sure you are aware of, but traditional motorsports companies seem to struggle to understand. At Jeff Andretti Motorsports ACTIVATION is the goal. We understand to effectively activate your sponsorship there has to be more to the program than stickers on a car - logos on a driver. So, how do we get this done? We work hand in hand with our sister company, JAM Marketing Partners, who has been working with brands and creative properties to get results for years. It is a new way of thinking in the motorsports world, but old hat to us.

So, are we a marketing company or race team developing drivers? The answer is BOTH.

The formation of the two companies came into play when, as followers of all things motorsport, our founders realised that the shift in social media and trends among consumers and brands changed. Race teams and even race series immeditaley got thrust into a changing environment that was new to them. How would they react? Much to our surprise most didn't. The result has been a decline in talented drivers finding brand partners, and a muddy message with various series. For the most part, brands have nothing to sink their teeth into and we understand that.

Therefore, our strategy is simple. Use racing as the back drop to the story. It's part of the plot, where a lot of the action takes place, however, it is not the whole story. The Jeff Andretti Motorsports side identifies drivers that will excel or are excelling in motorsports. JAM Marketing Partners then evaluates the driver to determine if there is "marketability" and substance for which stories can be developed. If the driver/talent meets both requirements then we work with them. They become inventory for brands to utilize and reach audiences that would find value in "the story" that resonates with the target audience.

Now, what comes naturally to us is the development of stories - afterall we have been doing that for years. The stories are designed to meet the objectives of brand partners and speak to targeted audiences. The driver becomes the "Star." Racing is "What they do." What they stand for and who they are weaves into the overall "Story."

To understand more about our activation process and creative story telling, please reach out to us or visit jammarketingpartners.com