Welcome to the business of motorsports

We are surprised at how many of the young drivers we connect with don't seem to understand the core reality that motorsports is a business. If you have told yourself - "I want to be a race car driver my whole life" then you have made a commitment to the sport. That commitment requires "focus" and determination. It requires understanding more than the physics of a car and getting the fastest lap times. It means working with brand partners, the media, promoting yourself (your brand), and growing your audience and reach.

It's never too early to start - or late for that matter. If you look around, you will see successful drivers re-inventing their brand and getting more active in social media. The reach is what brands are looking for. The more specific your story the more specific your audience will be. Think of it this way. In a traditional deck what does everyone talk about? Race attendance... team viewership... fan demographics. What separates you from the other drivers in your series? If you are left telling yourself stats, then you most certainly need our help.

I used to go race to race and looked everywhere for the money to make it happen. Coming to JAM was a blessing. They showed me the path and helped me build my foundation. I now have a clear vision of the road ahead. Who I am, what I have to offer. - Mattia Vita

For every driver there are two stories. The "on track" story and the "off track" story. The first determines how you are perceived by race fans, in particular the avid race fan. Are you fierce? Do you play it safe? Are you the villain or the good guy? The second determines who would be interested in hearing your story - regardless of stats- because you appeal to them.

Fortunately for you, Jeff Andretti Motorsports has you covered for both personas.

Improving your skills on the track and guiding you to success: As a proven race car driver and Indy 500 Rookie of the year, Jeff Andretti has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and real world race experience. Having being taught by his father, Mario, Jeff understands the importance of having someone there to show you the ropes. As an example, in recent test session with an up and coming driver, Jeff was able to step in and translate what the driver was feeling in the car to the engineers in a way that both parties could understand. Test sessions and race days are high stress times. Drivers rely on Jeff to guide them and help them improve each time they take the track.

Just a few of the things Jeff feels strongly about, and has seen direct positive results from, are developing and sticking to a personalized health and exercise regiment and the benefit of SIM testing. In both cases, Jeff Andretti Motorsports has strategic partners, experts in their fields, to assist you.

With your on track efforts being managed and getting you the results you need, our sister company, JAM Marketing Partners, works to bring your story to the forefront. The JAM team has over two decades of working in the entertainment world with brands and entertainers/celebrities alike. They have developed and promoted everything from top selling music artists, motion pictures, television, and even video games. Every project had key components in determining success - market position, timing, understanding the audience, and creating a message/roadmap that would result in sales. Many of these journeys have involved brands through brand integration and sponsorship. JAM now applies that knowledge and experience to motorsports drivers.

So, if you continued to read all the way to this point, we must have touched on something. We are here to help you navigate in the world of motorsports. Send us an email with a little background on yourself such as level of the sport you are in (we work with every level including Karting) and web links if you have any. We will respond and setup a time that works for you to talk.