Driven to Drive

     Focus. Determination. Drive. Talent. Not bad qualities to have in your corner if you are seeking to join the elite one day at the highest level of the sport.
     Remi will tell you without hesitation - "I'm ready!" and from the outside looking in - we agree. With a limited budget at his disposal, Remi chose to make the best of those days he could not take the track. Rather than sit back and complain, Remi opted to put 110% into all that makes a champion - studying all he could, - tracks, cars, drivers and everything in between. He keeps in pristine physical shape and insures all around him that the car will stop running before he will! Nothing can be said about this respectful, humble, and passionate driver other than he may be trying too hard. It's rare to hear an Andretti say the words "slow down," but that's where we are with Remi. A thoroughbred that has been kept in the pen - it's time to open the gates and let him run!

This kid has talent. His dedication to the sport, work ethic, focus and pure determination will pay off.
     Look for Remi to quickly climb the ranks to the highest level of racing. - Jeff Andretti