The total package. Good looks. Educated. Talent. Drive.

     Advait Deodhar, an exceptionally talented young racing driver has had a thrilling ride so far. Motorsport is a billion dollar international sport with increasing popularity in India- Advait has the capability and the vision of representing his country on an international platform. With his sheer dedication, his aggressive, yet controlled driving styles and fortitude to win, Advait has all the attributes to become a world class winning open wheel driver. "My lifelong ambition has been to make a successful career in International motor racing. I am dedicated with my fitness and lifestyle to ensure that I am always in the best possible condition to continue my progress towards that aim. I pride myself in being nothing but professional and extracting maximum from any opportunity that presents itself to me, both on track and off track. I am committed to my sponsors and partners to ensure they receive the maximum from me and from our journey into the exciting and professional world of International Motorsport".

It's hard to comprehend that Advait has come this far on his own in such little time. Only great things can come from someone so capable. He will make India proud. He will make us proud. - Jeff Andretti