Smart. Calculated. Committed.

     It's hard to imagine a five year-old in a racecar, but that is the age that Ryan Partridge began his racing career -although that is not so unusual for the fast paced Partridge family. With his grandfather, Bernie Partridge, as the legendary announcer for the NHRA and his father also heavily involved in racing, it seemed more than fitting that Ryan Partridge would find a love in the sport as well.
     As shop manager at Irwindale's stock car racing school - LA Racing Experience, Ryan understands what it takes to run a team operation- the organization and work that goes into a solid effort. This experience has also afforded him the opportunity to pick up many skill sets to include suspension fabrication and a host of car repair and maintenance knowledge. As a result, Ryan can accurately speak "race car" talk to his crew and team mates to get the most out of the car each and every weekend.
     The Southern California native now claims racing as his life and his passion, however, what defines him is his personality and friendliness. Ryan is very intelligent and respectful and always has a great attitude when it comes to his goals. He loves his family and friends. Living in California with his girlfriend and new puppy, Ryan likes to take his Jeep to the mountains, off-road, rock climb, shoot guns and run the trails.

This kid is ultra aggressive, and if anything can be dialed back a bit. It never takes long to see him running front of the pack - and, as I say, I love it when I need to slow someone down rather than try and get them to speed up. - Jeff Andretti