Passionate. Focused. Quick.

     Velocity comes in many forms in racing. Speed, acceleration, power. But true quickness often is a rare breed in a race driver. Velocity is an important part of quickness. But there are other necessary traits. Consistency, versatility, dexterity - both in and out of the car. Quick is Logan Gomez. From the minute he first started racing bicycles at age 6 in his native Indiana, Logan has made quick work of the competition. He jumped to motocross and kart racing, winning races and championships, before advancing to car racing at age 16.
     Once in cars, Logan climbed the open-wheel ladder quickly. He finished in the top eight in both of his full seasons in Firestone Indy Lights, the final step before the elite IZOD IndyCar Series.
     Logan also has proven to be a quick study out of the car, knowing it takes more than pedal to the metal to become a complete race driver. He has developed his telegenic, magnetic personality by working as an IZOD driver in the clothing brand's promotion of the IZOD IndyCar Series, including photo and commercial shoots, fashion shows and special events.

Logan came to us by recomendation from my dad. With that said, it did not take long to see the value in logan once we dug deeper.
   Logan is a doer. He digs in and gets it done -- on the track. off the track. - Jeff